As promised yesterday, here is the last part of my Japan journey. First, we returned to the Nara prefecture for a hiking day in the beautiful mountains of Yoshino. Then, we went on an exploration and relaxation trip to the sea near Kobe.

31th of October 2017: Yoshino


Sorry for the gap since the last post, I was pretty busy with translations and preparations for our Christmas trip to France. The diary of my last Japan journey comes slowly to an end. Here is the story of a hiking trip in the Nara prefecture full of history and persim...


28th of October 2017 - Just a day after my longest daily trip in the Kyoto area, I went with my wife for a "food & urban trip" to Osaka. Here a recap of this journey in our beloved gourmet metropolis. In the galleries above and at the end of this post, you'll find all...


27th of October 2017 6:17, waiting for the bus near my share house, 40 km south from Osaka. The sun is up, the bus already full of sleepy salary-men.

3 hours and 5 means of transport later, arrival at the foot of Mount Hiei, a holy mountain northeast of Kyoto, home of...


More than 2 weeks have passed since I came back from Osaka. In Germany, I returned rapidly to the boring translator everyday routine under the November cloudy and depressing sky... But thanks God, the next trip to Japan is only 5 months away!

As long as the memories o...


The wind is still pretty strong, but the sun is shining at last! For the Osaka region, the typhoon Lan is over. Yesterday was a scary and memorable day, my first evacuation due to a nature catastrophe.

It has been raining almost continuously for a week and a very late t...


Already almost a week in Japan!
I had a great time in Nagoya and will maybe write about it later (until then, you can look at the photos on Facebook), but first I want to relate the 1st big highlight of this autumn trip, our day at the Danjiri Matsuri from the town of...


Family stay in France with many transport difficulties, 5 tiresome days on the Frankfurt Motor Show, huge and difficult translations, the last 4 weeks were intense... Now, the pressure is slowly coming down and the preparations for the upcoming Japan trip can begin!





End of the bloom, visit of a shield bug, 

fall is coming.

Fin de floraison, visite d'une punaise, l'automne arrive.

Ende der Blüte, Besuch einer Wanze, Herbstbeginn.

Inspired by a photography of my wife and a chat in the train to Lyon with Sandline, a...


Last week, one of my customers contacted me to know the signification of a kakejiku (Japanese scroll painting or calligraphy) she got from a Japanese friend. I asked my wife who translated it. It's a haiku written by Santôka Taneda, poet of the 20th century known for h...


Yesterday, I saw for the 2nd time this wonderful movie about nôkan - a traditional Japanese ritual encoffining ritual.

Called おくりびと (Okuribito - "one who sends off") in Japan, this film from 2008 tells the story of a young man who returns to his hometown after a fa...


For the spring of 2018, a group of 2 people just booked a 14 days journey with Fukuchan Ryoko in the heart of Japan's two main historic towns: Nara and Kyoto! Not only will they admire the several gorgeous sites of these cities, but will also explore with me the surrou...

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