New blogging world and wet summer day-dreaming

August 1, 2017


I just discovered this blogging platform and will try it for my travel diaries. I'm currently using for this purpose the Wordpress editor of my website, but it's pretty limited and difficult to manage/write posts on a smartphone. WIX seems a good solution as a blogging companion for my trips in Japan. Let's give it a try!

This year again, summer in Germany is wet and unpredictable. I'm really longing for the next trip to Osaka, but must be patient, still 2 months to go...

This autumn, I'll probably stay in the Kansai area and deepen my exploration of the Nara prefecture. Stay tuned for more information soon!


Until then, between two rain storms and really boring translations (my main occupation), I'm currently writing promising quotes for trips with customers next year ;-). If it all works, 2018 will be a really busy and exciting Japan year!





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