For breakfast, an excellent home-made Shakshuka, traditional dish of the whole Middle-East, this variant with tomatoes, onions, Tahini, eggs and parsley.

Then, we drive to the next stage of our journey through the Palestinian Territories: A refugee camp in East Jerusale...


During the last 3 days of our stay in Israel, we left Jerusalem behind and went on day-trips with our friend T. to places off the beaten track, deep in the Palestinian Territories.

To begin with, Day 5 with an impressive desert canyon, a beer tasting with a nice Palesti...


This article relates Day 4 of our Journey in Palestine. It's the last post about Jerusalem. After that begins the exploration of the Palestinian Territories!

Today, we will explore the outskirts of Jerusalem and visit the Holocaust Memorial.

First, we walk through the fi...


This is the 2nd part of my diary. From now on, I will write one different article for each day of the trip. There is so much to tell!

Today, we are visiting the 3. holiest site of Islam (after Mecca and Medina), al-Haram al-Sharif. Also known as the Temple Mount, it is...


Palestine. When we hear this name in the news, it's most of the time about the never-ending Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This part of earth has already seen so much suffering and injustice in the last 3,000 years, mostly in the name of religion and it's still not over...


The recent disasters in Japan remind us how small we are against the unleashed power of nature.

During my stay in Palestine & Israel, very bad news came from Japan. Within a week, a typhoon hit the region Kansai and then a strong earthquake rocked the island of Hokkaido...


6 weeks before the start of the big Shikoku journey! I can't wait to be there again, admiring the wild coasts and the deep mountain landscapes of this beautiful island, tasting every day with my customers the fresh fish of the Pacific and other delicacies!

But first, I...


No, my next trip won't be in the US ;-).
Next October, I'm going on a 10 days journey with 4 customers around the beautiful island of Shikoku.

This island, situated in southwestern Japan, is one of my favourite places ever. There, the nature as well as the inhabitant...


In the summer of 2017, two ladies from Germany engaged me to organize a guided tour to the former capital cities of Kyoto and Nara with focus on religion, especially Buddhism in Japan.

Their journey took place in May 2018 and was an unforgettable experience, f...


A few days ago, my customers flew back to Germany after a 2 weeks guided tour with Fukuchan Ryoko in Kyoto and Nara, Japans former capital cities.

During their journey in the heart of the spiritual world of Japan, they discovered not only several beautiful Buddhist te...



Next Tuesday, on April the 24th, I'll leave again Frankfurt to Osaka. This time, it will be too late for the cherry blossom, but the azalea will be on full bloom. Stay tuned for nice photos!

The main purpose of this stay is a 15 days customer trip to Kyoto, Nara a...


Hello! A few days ago, I booked the plane ticket for my next stay in Japan. The journey starts on April the 24th. About 2 weeks later, the first customer trip of this year will begin!

In any case, 2018 will be a busy year for Fukuchan Ryoko, with already 3 booked trips...

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