A Day in the - Japanese - Life

November 24, 2019

Spending way too much time alternating translations and real estate visits, until now I couldn't really enjoy this stay in Japan. Last weekend, I finally then took a real day off in Osaka.

My day in a nutshell: Môningu - Asabulo - Lion Curry - Sanpatsu - Sushi - Fouquets - Izakaya.

But what does these weird looking words mean? Follow me on my strolling through Osaka and you will know!

After an early morning walk along the beautiful Komyo lake, we take several trains to our first destination, Sembayashi-Omya, a north-east suburb of Osaka, famous for its long and winding shopping street.


 In a tiny and cosy coffee shop named Roman, we enjoy a nice western breakfast, called Môningu in Japanese (your first keyword!) - small ham and egg sandwiches with excellent black coffee.

Replete and content, we walk then a few minutes to Shintoku Onsen, a hot spring nearby. There, we take a relaxing morning bath, Asabulo in Japanese. I really love this place with its many different baths, even one with electricity in it! Waiting for Kumiko to come out in the main hall of the bath house, I see a young girl eating a huge chocolate & vanilla ice. It's possible to buy everything to eat and drink, even beer!

Then, I stroll alone through the maze-like shopping street, passing by old fish and tofu shops.

For lunch, I go to one of my favourite curry restaurant, Lion Curry. My choice - "Harami Kale" - a hot curry with real slender beef. A little bit expensive, but so tasty!

From there, I ride a train to another famous shopping street, "Ten Roku" and after a nice walk through the small lively lanes I take another line to explore Fukushima, an area near Umeda - Osaka main station. 

Around Fukushima station, nothing really interesting apart of weird Buddhist street-art and the entrance sign of a shopping street without shops... Nevertheless, I walk on and after a while discover more and more traditional stores, like tatami and futon makers. Strolling around for more than 3 km, I reach then Umeda station.

The New World (Shinsekai), a popular amusement district in south Osaka is my next destination. Recently, this area is getting very touristic and lost most of it's former downtown atmosphere. Nonetheless, some old established shops survived, especially my favourite barber (Sanpatsu in Japanese). There, you can get a professional cut (hair and beard) with neck massage and hot towels for 1000 Yen (8€)!

Clean shaved and relaxed, I go for a smartball game (old fashioned Japanese pinball) before enjoying one of the best affordable Sushi in Osaka.

Fleeing from the loud tourist herds and longing for a quiet haven, I then take a long break at a nice coffee shop with a famous French name, Fouquets.

On the evening, I meet again with Kumiko and a Japanese friend and we enjoy an excellent dinner at a really good Izakaya (Japanese tapas bar).


This perfect day in town comes to an end. See you again soon!

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